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Criminal defense attorney Stephen P. Shepard provides affordable representation in Towson, MD
"I was very pleased with the diligent attention Steve Shepard gave my case and the professional manner in which he handled every detail from beginning to end. He exceeded my expectations on every level and was always willing to go the extra mile to make sure nothing was overlooked to ensure that the end result was no less than I deserved. I believe he possesses all of the qualities a consummate and compassionate attorney must have and would highly recommend him to anyone."
"For my specific case Mr. Shepard gave time to explain everything about the situation and then gave me the advice on how we should start out in building up out defense. He reasoning was sound and it helped me understand what I had to work with. Thanks to his open minded approach I was able to build a very strong defense that worked out well in my favor. I give him even more credit for communicating to me every angle I had available. His methods led to our success in court and I am grateful to have someone that cared so much to help me get the decision I deserved."

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