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Collaborative Advocacy

Our Baltimore County Criminal Defense Law Firm Collaborates and Advocates by Using Innovative Technology

Technology has changed nearly every aspect of our lives:  From the way we communicate to the way in which we gather information.  At our Baltimore County law firm, we recognize the power of technology to help foster a truly collaborative relationship between attorney and client.  Therefore, we use nothing but the latest and greatest legal technology available while carefully selecting legal technology platforms that do not compromise our commitment to providing affordable representation

Fastcase Legal Research Platform

Thanks to our membership in the Maryland State Bar Association, our criminal defense law firm has access to one of the most comprehensive and powerful legal research platforms available:  Fastcase.  Fastcase allows our legal team to easily retrieve cases from courts across the country, statutes and court rules from almost every state, and regulatory opinions.  Because Fastcase is made available to us through the Maryland State Bar Association, we do not have to pass our legal research costs onto our clients like some firms do. 

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Casetext Legal Research Platform

Our law firm has proudly partnered with the good folks at Casetext to conduct comprehensive and affordable legal research.  Casetext is one of the industry leaders in legal research, and they provide our law firm with an affordable way of getting the cases, statutes, and other legal research sources that we need to aid the defense of our clients.  And because Casetext is affordable, we do not have to pass our legal research costs onto our clients like some firms do.  Casetext is not only an industry leader in legal research, but a pioneer as well.  Casetext was one of the first legal research platforms to incorporate artificial intelligence into its platform to allow attorneys to find cases with the same facts, legal issues, and jurisdiction as a client’s legal matter. 

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Case Status App

Our partnership with Case Status allows our law firm to provide our clients with a free app that enables them to understand what is happening with their case at any given stage.  Additionally, clients may use the Case Status app (available on the App Store and Google Play) to securely exchange direct messages to their attorney when on the go.