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Theft Crimes

Most theft crimes in the State of Maryland carry a possible period of incarceration and/or substantial fines if you are convicted.  Additionally, if you are found guilty of a theft offense, you will have a criminal conviction on your record that will be visible to employers, housing authorities, and other entities. No matter how minor or insignificant the event that led to the charge may have seemed, the charge should not be taken lightly.  An experienced Baltimore County criminal defense attorney can help you by protecting your rights and asserting any applicable defenses to avoid having a conviction on your record. 

Armed Robbery

Armed robbery is the crime of robbery coupled with the use of a weapon or the display of a written document claiming that the person has possession of a dangerous weapon to produce intimidation and the apparent ability to use the weapon.

To be convicted of armed robbery, the State must prove the following beyond a reasonable doubt:

      1. That the Defendant took and carried away the property of another without that person’s consent and from that person’s immediate possession or control;
      2. That the Defendant took the property by force or threat of force;
      3. That the Defendant intended to intended to deprive the owner of the property or to dispose of the property and use it in a way making it unlikely that the owner would recover it;
      4. That the property taken had some value; and,
      5. That the Defendant committed the offense with the use of a deadly or dangerous weapon or by displaying a written document claiming that the Defendant possessed a dangerous weapon.

A knife (see Bell v. State, 5 Md. App. 276 (1976)) or pepper spray (see Handy v. State, 357 Md. 685 (2000)) may qualify as a dangerous or deadly weapon. A starter pistol (see Jackson v. State, 231 Md. at 591 (1963)) and an unloaded pistol (see Hayes v. State, 211 Md. at 111 (1956)) qualify as dangerous or deadly weapons.




Motor Vehicle Theft

Motor Vehicle Theft

Theft: Unauthorized Control


Theft: Possession of Stolen Property