Comprehensive Service

Comprehensive Criminal and DUI/DWI Defense

People facing a legal problem sometimes experience other areas of difficulty in their lives as a result.  Our law firm strives to help with those “other difficulties” by providing what we consider to be comprehensive criminal and DUI/DWI defense.  Please read more below to find out how we do it.

How Our Criminal and DUI/DWI Defense Law Firm Stands Apart from the Rest

Free Expungements

We understand the collateral consequences of having a criminal record of any kind. Even a finding of not guilty on your record can result in the denial of a job opportunity, denial of a housing opportunity, and denial of other opportunities. That is why our firm proudly assists our clients with getting their record expunged of any eligible cases at no extra charge following the conclusion of the representation.

Free Expungements

Free Transportation Assistance

We recognize that getting to our office may not be easy for everyone, especially if you cannot drive legally or do not have access to a vehicle. That is why our office proudly provides free, professional transportation assistance to clients (within a 10-mile radius, upon request) who need to visit our office. *Offered to existing clients only.

Community Assistance Program Referrals

We do not just know the law, we also know many of the great community assistance resources in Baltimore County. From housing assistance to emergency cash assistance, our staff is trained and dedicated to getting our clients the qualified help that they need from the community when our office is unable to directly provide that help.