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The Law Office of Stephen P. Shepard, LLC makes premier criminal and DUI/DWI defense both available and affordable to folks throughout Baltimore County, Maryland and surrounding areas.  Top criminal defense attorney Stephen P. Shepard’s extensive experience in handling cases from a traffic ticket to homicide, his dedication to aggressively defending the rights of those accused, and his underlying sense of true compassion towards the people he represents are what set him apart from other attorneys and make him what many consider to be one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Baltimore County.

Stephen founded his forward-thinking criminal defense firm on the following idea:

Premier representation should not be considered a luxury in this great country reserved only for the elite or the super-rich of society – it should be available and affordable to everyone. In other words, it should be a fundamental right. The sole mission of this law firm is to provide the good people of the State of Maryland with that fundamental right.

- Stephen P. Shepard

That idea stemmed from Stephen’s personal opinion that the public defender system in the State of Maryland and throughout the United States is broken and has become far too comfortable with the status quo.  Yet Stephen has also been critical of the private bar, believing that it overly focuses on profiting off good people who find themselves in bad situations.  And so, The Law Office of Stephen P. Shepard, LLC was created to serve as a model for both private and public legal representation and be one of the best criminal defense law firms in Baltimore County.

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Best lawyer I've EVER met. If I ever have any legal trouble, he will ALWAYS be the person I will go to.
Abbey Gillis
Abbey G.
04:06 21 Dec 14
Patrick McKennirey
Patrick M.
22:17 02 Nov 16
Stephen is an excellent attorney who knows the law, prepares thoroughly, and cares deeply about his clients.
Seth Saunders
Seth S.
19:20 07 Sep 15
Extremely dedicated and knowledgable in his domain. No matter your case, he can find a way to help you and is extremely talented in getting what you need against all odds. Cannot recommend enough
Jordan Tucker
Jordan T.
00:15 14 Aug 15
Stephen Sheppard your great my family and myself can not complain at all. You gave us all the faith in the world with our legal challenges with my mother and what did we get a dropped case you definetly are the greatest lawyer and well worth the money. You have done things for my mom no other lawyer could have managed to do. You really don't know how relieves we are to go home today and taking her with us when it was serious but hey your defense was what mattered the most thank you again Stephen.
Brooke Huff
Brooke H.
19:27 12 Jan 17
Jamie Martin
Jamie M.
23:27 03 Aug 18
Steve helped me deal with some traffic violations and did an excellent job! It was my first time ever going to court so I was really nervous. Steve was the perfect person to help reasure me without giving me unrealistic expectations. I would definitely recommend!
S Wright
S W.
17:45 12 Jul 18
Mr. Shepard is very professional. He helped guide me through the process and got me the best possible outcome. He will also go the extra mile to help you out with any issues you may be having.
Nom de Plume
Nom de P.
01:10 03 Feb 17
Such a wonder an very educated Lawyer. Mr Shepherd was very professional and made me feel comfortable with the outcome of my case . I Highly recommend him . AWESOME!!!!
Amanda Smith
Amanda S.
16:28 17 May 19
I just really want to thank the law office of Stephen P Shepard mr. Stephen P Shepard really helped me with what was going on in my life I had some serious charges pending against me very serious charges and doing that course my father passed away and this man right here is like an angel from God very understandable very dependable and reliable when he say he for the people he's definitely for the people he will go against his own colleagues just to make sure Justice is really served properly and efficiently doing everything that was going on he was really there for me and my family even came to my house 2 something 3 in the morning to make sure I was okay when I was going through what I was going through during my hardship I really recommend Stephen P Shepard as a lawyer and not just as a lawyer as a real friend and I appreciate everything he's ever done for me if I could give him a hundred Stars I really would and just put it this way people my charges was very serious and the system really played me because I am a African American male a very easy target sad to say but he went to the Knicks and crannies of everything to get Justice and for me to get out my situation thank you Stephen I really appreciate you if anybody have any questions feel free to email me and I would definitely tell you about Stephen P Shepard I had nothing bad to say about this terrific individual
Quentin Uzzell
Quentin U.
22:16 18 Dec 18
Atty Shepard really took the time to gather as much information as possible and was well prepared when presenting my case in court.
Darius Jones
Darius J.
02:36 04 Jul 18
Zachary Hyland
Zachary H.
00:18 21 Apr 19
20:18 19 Dec 16
Megan West
Megan W.
01:21 21 Jul 14
I just found Mr. Shepherd, and it's the weekend and the Court date is Monday, I really appreciate that he took his time out to meet my Son, Hopefully he will help us out, I'm so glad that he took are call and is meeting us on Saturday night, Thank you for your time, looking forward to getting your help, Gbu,
Patricks Father
Patricks F.
22:54 19 Aug 17
This was the best possible attorney that I could have asked for. He was very meticulous about all of his work. Never left me in the loop anything I didn’t feel sure of or had enough knowledge of he would told me exactly what was what. Stephen he is very understanding an he knows life throws us lemons sometimes an he is willing to work with people through any situation. If you need a great lawyer Stephen Sheppard is your guy.
Damon Lynch
Damon L.
15:24 12 Jul 19
Mr. Shepard is very professional and personable. He was able to answer all of my different questions, and he was fast to find out any information he was not 100% sure of. I would reccomend him to anyone who is looking for trustworthy advise and someone who always goes the extra mile in supporting their case.
Cameron Kirschner
Cameron K.
03:30 12 Jan 14
Justin C
Justin C
20:23 18 Mar 15
I had a very positive experience with Steve and would recommend him to anyone. He thinks outside the box and understands the clients desired outcome.
David Spicer
David S.
19:00 06 Mar 19
Boukey Mane
Boukey M.
01:02 28 Feb 19
Great lawyer and staff! So easy to work with. Going above and beyond! I would recommend to anyone!
Jess Smith
Jess S.
00:12 16 Feb 19
Stephen was excellent! I can't thank him enough for his responsiveness, attention to detail, compassion, and knowledge of the law. I highly recommend him!
Heather M.
Heather M.
02:39 28 Jan 18
Mr. Shepard is fair and reasonable, easy to work with, honest, and straight-forward. I would highly recommend Mr. Shepard to anyone who appreciates a great level of effort, knowledge of the laws, and most importantly a "Shepard" of providing positive outcomes. You can tell he cares about his clients.
Marc Howard
Marc H.
03:57 11 Apr 19
Although I don't have an ongoing case, we have a need to appoint a legal firm for all of our cases, due diligence and potential cases of our global organization. The work thus far and continuing is not only exemplary, but the depth of knowledge of my colleague is phenomenal and has brought us legal expertise that is badly needed on an ongoing basis. It is rare to find a firm willing to go the extra mile and that's what we found with SPS Law Office.
Jock Brocas
Jock B.
15:08 26 Apr 18
Stephen is a thorough, hardworking, and thoughtful lawyer who goes the extra mile for his clients. He successfully juggled numerous cases and tasks while at the Public Defender's office. I am confident is his ability to effectively represent anyone facing a legal challenge.
Will Denham
Will D.
14:49 28 Oct 15
High recommended. Very professional, courteous, affordable and overall excellent services.Thanks for everything again!
Terrence B'Flexing
Terrence B.
04:52 03 Nov 13
Words to describe Stephen Shepard, LLC.1. Professional2. On time 3. Straight forward4. Confident5. ConnectedI would definitely recommend him and I would definitely use his services again, if needed.
16:27 17 Mar 17
HIGHLY RECOMMEND! CAN be reached virtually 24/7. Works with and for his clients. Payment plans
Carol Cather Donatelli
Carol Cather D.
16:26 21 Mar 17
Although I don't have an ongoing case, we have a need to appoint a legal firm for all of our cases, due diligence and potential cases of our global organization. The work thus far and continuing is not only exemplary, but the depth of knowledge of my colleague is phenomenal and has brought us legal expertise that is badly needed on an ongoing basis. It is rare to find a firm willing to go the extra mile and that's what we found with SPS Law Office.
The Otherside Press
The Otherside P.
15:10 26 Apr 18
Johny B. Good
Johny B. G.
04:27 18 Jan 14
Very knowledgeable, out of the box thinker.
Sean gonzales
Sean G.
18:00 04 Jan 19
Iam makeing reviews about this man everywhere I just really want to thank the law office of Stephen P Shepard mr. Stephen P Shepard really helped me with...
Mr K.
Mr K.
14:19 18 Dec 18
Very professional and worked every angle! Would highly recommend!
Tara Warren
Tara W.
14:21 20 Jun 17
Danny Bouman
Danny B.
22:05 11 Nov 13
OMG... Where do I begin... He saw as as soon as we contacted him- and a pleasure to add, he saw us on a Sunday night!! When most people are at home/closed!! We sat down w him he had an awesome-to the point introduction.. He worked consistently with me, the wife of the client. He answered every little petty question I could possibly think of. Stephen is one the most professional lawyers I have EVER dealt with!!! From the time I met him the feeling of peace got greater! The charges brought against my husband were serious! Steve worked amazingly and we received an awesome outcome!!! I highly recommend Stephen P Shepard as the peace he brought my new family and I is remarkable!!! He is relatable, confident and diligent..
Victoria RJ
Victoria R.
20:28 14 Mar 16
Mr. Shepard is an excellent attorney who cares deeply for his clients and achieves excellent results for them.
Jordan Tucker
Jordan T.
00:45 19 Jul 16
Mr. Shepard is very much aware of the law. He makes you feel very comfortable when he is speaking with you about your case. His strong and dynamic personality makes you know you're going to win. I would highly recommend Mr. Shepard for any legal concerns.
Danielle Ellison Chenoweth
Danielle Ellison C.
15:35 25 Apr 17
He knows that he is doing when it comes to the law!
Maryland Expungement
Maryland E.
14:49 26 Apr 18
I could not even imagine an attorney more dedicated to the clients best interest and convenience. Was willing to speak to me about anything 24/7. Couldn't of asked for more from a representative!
Adam Castellano
Adam C.
19:59 11 Dec 14
Justin Schultz
Justin S.
20:17 18 Mar 15
Genevieve Feild
Genevieve F.
01:51 10 Dec 13
Great experience! Couldn’t have had a better lawyer, his assistant is good as well
Meshach Herbert
Meshach H.
14:49 18 Jun 19
Stephen is a no nonsense forward thinker. And if things don't go exactly how he wants, he's going to continue to do whatever he can to make things right. In my case, out of his own pocket and time. I definitely avoided jail time by having him in my corner and that's not enough for him. He's a true peoples lawyer.
Mitchell Zembower
Mitchell Z.
15:43 22 Apr 19
Stephen was knowledgeable and caring through out the whole process. To say he went above and beyond is an understatement. If you need a criminal defense attorney you need to hire Stephen. It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.
Joshua Merrick
Joshua M.
16:26 09 Jul 18
Stephen was amazingly helpful! Would highly recommend him to anyone.
Lindsay Dorrance
Lindsay D.
20:20 12 Dec 17
Stephen Shepard was a great attorney. He came highly recommended and he certainly lived up to his reputation. He not only handled my case with utmost...
Sarah B.
Sarah B.
13:42 23 Oct 16
Tina B
Tina B
14:21 14 Dec 17
I hired Mr. Shepard to help me with a couple traffic violations I got. One of them being driving on a suspended and another being driving on a permit without someone else being in the car, along with some others. Mr Shepard and I met and discussed my case, gave me a fair rate, and let me know everything he was doing for me involving the case. I received every update threw email. He never left me out of the loop. A few days before court he told me he had made a deal with the proscutor to have no points and just pay the payable fine for driving on my permit. That was cool with me. We get to court and long story short, I didn't have to pay anything but court costs. Everything was thrown out. On top of all that, he offered to get some past charges expunged off my record for me, charging me the bare minimum. He definitely did not have to go that extra mile. Mr. Shepard was very professional, very organized, and never left me feeling like I had to check on what he was doing. I would and have recommended him to everyone I know. He is a fantastic lawyer, and if I'm ever in need again you best believe his card is in my wallet at all times.Michael J.
Paulie Paciani
Paulie P.
15:23 18 Jun 17


Justin K. Schwemmer, Esq.
Justin K. Schwemmer, Esq.Litigation Attorney
Stephen is an attorney dedicated to his profession. I recommend him for any criminal or related matters. He cares deeply about his clients, and is generous with his time both to them and to other attorneys. Stephen is a model to his peers for civility and client devotion. He will leave no stone unturned.
David J. Preller III, Esq.
David J. Preller III, Esq.Member at Preller, Preller & Paliath
Stephen is a well-respected attorney in Towson who I endorse without hesitation. He is very knowledgeable in the law and consistently advocates strongly for his client's position. They are lucky to have him!
Nicole M. Whitaker, Esq.
Nicole M. Whitaker, Esq.Owner of Whitaker Legal, LLC
I endorse Mr. Shepard with no reservation. An extremely talented and well respected attorney in the legal community. Very hardworking and diligent. Consistently achieves superior results. Advice is always practical and on point. I recommend to anyone looking for an attorney who knows the law and truly cares about protecting the rights of clients and achieving the most favorable result possible.
Adam S. Cohen, Esq.
Adam S. Cohen, Esq.Partner at The Cohen Law Firm, P.C.
I was recently analyzing approaches to a difficult criminal case and sought the input of Mr. Shepard. I found his advice to be sound and very insightful. He is a passionate and zealous advocate who is not afraid to fight for his clients.


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