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About Our Law Firm

The Law Office of Stephen P. Shepard, LLC provides premier and affordable criminal defense and DUI/DWI defense throughout Baltimore County and surrounding areas. Founder and Principal Attorney Stephen P. Shepard's experience in handling cases from a simple traffic ticket to homicide, his dedication to aggressively defending the rights of his clients, and his underlying sense of compassion towards the people he represents are what set him apart from many other attorneys.
The best criminal defense and DUI/DWI defense should not be a luxury in this great country reserved only for the social elite or super rich - it should be available and affordable to everyone. In other words, it should be a fundamental right.
Stephen P. Shepard, Esq.
That idea stemmed from Stephen's personal opinion that the public defender system in the State of Maryland and throughout the United States is broken and has become far too comfortable with the status quo. Yet, Stephen has also been critical of the private bar, believing that it focuses too much on making excessive profits off good people who find themselves accused of a criminal or serious traffic offense. And so, The Law Office of Stephen P. Shepard, LLC was created to serve as a model for both public and private legal representation.