Defending First-Degree Assault Charges in Baltimore County, Maryland

Have you been arrested and accused of first-degree assault in Towson or elsewhere in Baltimore County, Maryland? You’re facing severe felony charges that can result in up to 25 years of imprisonment if convicted. When your freedom and future are on the line, you need a serious Towson first-degree assault lawyer fighting relentlessly to protect your rights.

At Shepard Law, we have over a decade of experience defending clients against first-degree assault and other serious violent crime charges throughout Baltimore County. Our award-winning criminal defense attorney understands the stress and fear you’re experiencing, and we’re here to provide the aggressive legal advocacy you need to get the best possible result in your case.

What Constitutes First-Degree Assault in Maryland?

Maryland law (Maryland  Code Criminal Law 3-202) defines first-degree assault as:

  1. Intentionally causing or attempting to cause serious physical injury to another. “Serious physical injury” means injury creating a substantial risk of death, or causing serious permanent/protracted disfigurement, loss of function, or impairment.
  2. Committing an assault with a firearm (including handguns, rifles, shotguns, assault weapons, and machine guns as defined by statute).
  3. Committing an assault by intentionally strangling another. “Strangling” means impeding normal breathing or blood circulation by applying pressure to the throat or neck.

First-degree assault is a felony carrying up to 25 years in prison. To obtain a conviction, prosecutors must prove all elements beyond a reasonable doubt. Our experienced defense lawyer will make them fight for every inch, challenging the evidence and raising doubt about their case.

How Shepard Law Can Help

As an experienced Baltimore County assault attorney, Stephen P. Shepard knows how to effectively fight these serious allegations. Depending on the facts of your case, defense strategies may include:

  • Arguing you acted in self-defense or defense of others
  • Demonstrating lack of intent to cause serious injury
  • Revealing problems with witness testimony or identification
  • Challenging illegal searches or Miranda rights violations
  • Negotiating for reduced charges (e.g., misdemeanor assault)
  • Fighting for dismissal or acquittal based on insufficient evidence

The prosecution’s case may not be as strong as they want you to believe. We’ll thoroughly investigate what happened to determine the best approach. Whether it’s negotiating a favorable plea deal to minimize penalties or taking the case to trial to prove your innocence, we’ll do what it takes to secure the most positive outcome.

Contact a Towson, Maryland First-Degree Assault Lawyer

Being charged with first-degree assault is frightening and overwhelming. Your liberty, reputation, and entire way of life are at stake. You need a Towson assault defense lawyer with the skill, experience, and dedication to take on these serious allegations and win.

With over a decade of experience in Baltimore County criminal courts, Stephen P. Shepard has built a reputation for his cutting-edge defense strategies and tireless pursuit of justice for his clients. He understands the devastation a felony conviction can bring and will stop at nothing to help you avoid that fate.

You don’t have to face these serious charges alone. Contact the experienced first-degree assault attorney at Shepard Law for a confidential, free consultation. Call (410) 648-4008 or complete our online form below to get started now. Together, let’s protect your freedom and future.

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