Defending Charges of Violating a Protective Order in Baltimore County, Maryland

If you’ve been accused of violating a protective order in Towson or Baltimore County, Maryland, you need a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to safeguard your rights and mount a strong defense. Shepard Law has extensive experience successfully defending clients charged with violating protective orders. We understand the complexities of Maryland’s domestic violence laws and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Understanding Protective Order Violations in Maryland

In Maryland, violating certain provisions of an interim, temporary, or final protective order is a misdemeanor crime under Maryland Family Law § 4-509. These provisions include:

  • Abusing or threatening to abuse the protected person
  • Contacting, attempting to contact, or harassing the protected person
  • Entering the protected person’s residence
  • Failing to immediately vacate a shared home
  • Failing to stay away from the protected person’s place of employment, school, or temporary residence
  • Failing to surrender firearms or possessing firearms

To convict you of violating a protective order, the prosecution must prove that:

  1. A protective order was issued against you;
  2. The order required you to follow one or more of the above provisions; and,
  3. You knowingly violated the order while it was in effect.

Each violation can be charged as a separate offense, carrying a potential sentence of up to 90 days in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

Defending Against Protective Order Violation Charges

When you’re facing accusations of violating a protective order, it’s crucial to have a skilled Towson criminal defense lawyer in your corner. Attorney Shepard at Shepard Law will thoroughly investigate the allegations, challenge any unlawfully obtained evidence, and identify weaknesses in the case against you. Depending on the circumstances, potential defenses may include:

  • The alleged violation did not actually occur
  • You did not knowingly violate the order
  • The protective order was improperly served or had expired

Attorney Shepard will work to negotiate with prosecutors to have your charges reduced or dismissed whenever possible. If necessary, he has the trial experience to present a compelling defense in court.

Contact a Violate Protective Order Lawyer in Towson, Maryland

A protective order violation conviction can result in jail time, fines, and a criminal record that impacts your future. Don’t face these serious charges without aggressive legal representation. Contact Shepard Law today at (410) 648-4008 to schedule a confidential, free consultation with an experienced Towson protective order violation defense lawyer. Attorney Shepard will fight vigorously to defend your rights and pursue the most favorable resolution to your case.

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