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Defending Violation of Probation Cases in Baltimore County, Maryland

Have you been accused of violating your probation in Towson or elsewhere in Baltimore County, Maryland? These allegations can have serious consequences, potentially leading to revocation of your probation and imposition of your suspended sentence. When your freedom and future are at stake, you need an experienced Towson violation of probation defense lawyer fighting relentlessly to protect your rights.

At Shepard Law, we have over a decade of experience defending clients against probation violation charges throughout Baltimore County, Maryland. Our award-winning criminal defense attorney understands the nuances of these cases and the stress you’re experiencing. We’re here to provide the legal advocacy you need to secure the best possible outcome in your case.

Understanding Probation Conditions in Maryland

Probation is a type of sentence that is often given in criminal or serious traffic cases as an alternative to serving time behind bars. When you are placed on probation, the court will set certain conditions that you must adhere to, such as:

  • Maintaining employment
  • Wearing a monitoring device
  • Performing community service
  • Avoiding drugs and alcohol
  • Not committing any new crimes
  • Attending classes or counseling
  • Regularly reporting to a probation officer

Types of Probation Violations in Maryland

Probation violations can be categorized into two main types:

  1. Technical Violations: These do not involve new criminal activity or absconding and may include the following:
    • Missing appointments with your probation officer
    • Failing to complete required programs or community service
    • Not paying required fines or restitution
  2. Non-Technical Violations:  These involve new criminal activity while on probation or absconding from probation.

The Maryland Probation Violation Process

  • Initiation: Proceedings are initiated by a court order or a petition from the State’s Attorney or Division of Parole and Probation.
  • Arrest or Summons: You may be arrested or summoned to appear in court.
  • Hearing: The court will hold a hearing to determine if a violation occurred and, if so, what action to take.

Possible Outcomes of a Violation of Probation

If you are accused of violating one or more of the conditions of your probation, the court will schedule a hearing to determine whether the alleged violation actually occurred. If the court finds that you committed a non-technical violation of your probation, it can take various actions, including:

  • Extending the length of your probation term
  • Modifying the conditions of your probation
  • Imposing addition conditions on your probation
  • Revoking your probation and sentencing you to jail or prison

Given the serious potential consequences, it is crucial that you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer representing you at your probation violation hearing. Your lawyer can challenge the allegations, present mitigating evidence, and advocate for the least severe possible outcome.

How Shepard Law Can Defend Your Violation of Probation Case

As an experienced Baltimore County probation violation attorney, Stephen P. Shepard knows how to effectively challenge these allegations. Our defense strategies are tailored to the specific type of violation you’re facing:

For Technical Violations:

  1. Challenging the Alleged Violation: We scrutinize the evidence of minor infractions, such as missed appointments or failed drug tests.
  2. Presenting Mitigating Factors: We help explain any extenuating circumstances that led to the technical violation, such as transportation issues or scheduling conflicts.
  3. Proposing Alternative Solutions: We work to secure alternatives to probation revocation or jail, such as additional reporting requirements or enrollment in support programs.

For All Types of Violations:

  1. Ensuring Procedural Fairness: We make sure your rights are protected throughout the process, including your right to present witnesses and cross-examine state witnesses.
  2. Advocating for Continued Probation: We present compelling arguments for why continuing probation is in the best interest of justice and rehabilitation.
  3. Preparing for Revocation Hearings: If necessary, we’re prepared to vigorously defend you at a formal revocation hearing, challenging the state’s evidence and presenting your case.
  4. Negotiating Modified Terms: We work to negotiate modified probation terms that address the court’s concerns while allowing you to remain on probation and out of jail.
  5. Exploring Legal Entitlement Defenses: In cases involving controlled dangerous substances (CDS), we investigate whether you had legal entitlement to use the substance under Maryland law.

By tailoring our approach to the specific type of violation you’re facing, we can provide a more effective and targeted defense. Whether you’re dealing with a technical violation or a more serious non-technical violation, Shepard Law has the experience and knowledge to protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome.

Contact a Towson, Maryland Violation of Probation Defense Lawyer

Being accused of violating your probation is a serious matter that can have long-lasting consequences. Your freedom and future opportunities are at stake. You need a Towson probation violation defense lawyer with the skill, experience, and dedication to take on these allegations.

With over a decade of experience in Baltimore County criminal courts, Stephen P. Shepard has built a reputation for his innovative defense strategies and unwavering commitment to justice for his clients. He understands the potential impact of a probation violation and will work tirelessly to help you avoid or minimize these consequences.

Don’t face these charges alone. Contact the experienced violation of probation attorney at Shepard Law for a confidential, free consultation. Call (410) 648-4008 or complete our online form below to get started now. Together, we’ll protect your rights, your freedom, and your future.

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