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What is an Early Expungement?

Many criminal cases have outcomes that allow them to be expunged after a certain period of time.  For example, a case in which the final disposition was probation before judgment normally has a three-year waiting period from the date that the Defendant completes his or her sentence (including any probation).  While this waiting period may not seem like a problem for some, for others having a criminal record during the waiting period is detrimental to their lives in some aspect.  The law provides for people experiencing a hardship due to having a criminal record during the waiting period by allowing for an early expungement at any time.

The "Good Cause" Requirement

In order to receive an early expungement, a Defendant must demonstrate to a judge that he or she has what is called “good cause” or a really good reason for getting an early expungement.  An excellent example of the “good cause” needed for an early expungement is if the Defendant is encountering extreme and verifiable difficulties with finding employment.  

Other situations in which “good cause” may exist include the following:

  • Housing Discrimination
  • Academic Discrimination
  • Firearms Necessity

How an Early Expungement Attorney Can Help

Getting an early expungement is not a quick and easy task – it is difficult and requires knowledge of the underlying procedural law.  In addition to filing the Petition for Expungement of Records, an early expungement attorney will prepare and file a thorough memorandum of law that explains the underlying law and demonstrates to the court that “good cause” exists for an early expungement.  An early expungement attorney will then represent the Defendant at a contested hearing when the State objects to the early expungement.  Finally, an early expungement attorney will track the progress of the expungement through the criminal justice system.

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