Criminal Procedure

Criminal procedure refers to the set of rules and regulations that govern the legal processes followed in the investigation, prosecution, and adjudication of criminal offenses. It outlines the steps and safeguards that must be observed by law enforcement, prosecutors, and courts to ensure fairness, protect individual rights, and uphold the principles of justice. Criminal procedure encompasses various stages, including arrest, search and seizure, interrogation, bail, arraignment, discovery, trial, sentencing, and appeals. It establishes the framework for balancing the interests of society in punishing criminal conduct with the need to safeguard the rights of individuals accused of crimes. The goal of criminal procedure is to maintain due process, ensure the integrity of the legal system, and safeguard against unlawful actions or abuses by the authorities, ultimately striving for a just and equitable resolution of criminal cases.

What is the Right to a Speedy Trial?

Table of Contents The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the Maryland Declaration of Rights guarantee that every person accused of a crime has the right to speedy trial. This blog post will focus only on the constitutional aspect of the right to a speedy trial (not the Maryland Declaration of Rights or Maryland laws). The Sixth Amendment’s …

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What is a Stet?

A stet is a special type of disposition or resolution of a criminal or serious traffic case pursuant to Md. Rule 4-248 in which the State’s Attorney asks the court to mark a case as “inactive” or place it on what is sometimes referred to as the “stet docket” for three years, usually with one or …

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