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What Can I Do About a Bench Warrant in Maryland?

If you’ve been hit with a bench warrant in Baltimore County, Maryland, it’s important to take prompt action. A bench warrant is a court order issued by a judge for your arrest when you fail to appear for a scheduled court date or violate conditions of your release. It’s a serious matter that shouldn’t be ignored.

Once a bench warrant has been issued, the police have the authority to detain you at any time until you can be brought before the court. This could occur during a routine traffic stop, at your home, workplace, or even when reporting for scheduled meetings with a probation or parole officer.

Being arrested on a bench warrant can have severe consequences beyond just spending time in a Detention Center awaiting your hearing. You may face additional criminal charges, significantly higher bail or bond amounts, revocation of probation or parole, and potentially even harsher sentences if convicted of the original charges.

As an award-winning criminal defense law firm with over ten years of experience handling cases across Baltimore County and throughout Maryland, the experienced attorney at Shepard Law has successfully recalled and resolved countless bench warrants for our clients. We understand how to navigate the complex legal system and protect your rights.

Recommendations to Resolve a Bench Warrant

So what can you do if there’s an active bench warrant out for your arrest in Baltimore County, Maryland? Here are some key steps our law firm recommends:

  1. Hire an Experienced Bench Warrant Attorney Immediately: The single most important action is to retain a skilled criminal defense lawyer who has extensive experience in recalling bench warrants as soon as possible. Attempting to resolve the warrant on your own is unwise and may increase the chances of arrest and harsher legal repercussions.
  2. Do Not Turn Yourself In: Many people mistakenly believe they should turn themselves in on the warrant. This is ill-advised, as you’ll be arrested, booked, and held in custody. Instead, let your lawyer try to execute a careful legal strategy to recall and resolve the warrant first.
  3. Collect Documentation: Provide your attorney with any documentation relevant to the original case and missed court date, including paperwork from court notices, medical records if applicable, employment details showing missed work, etc. This evidence can support the argument for recalling the warrant.
  4. Remain In Close Contact: Follow your attorney’s instructions precisely and remain reachable while they work to resolve the warrant. Disappearing or missing court dates will only compound the legal jeopardy you face.
  5. Potential Defenses for Recalling a Warrant: Depending on the circumstances, some common defenses your lawyer may argue include that you were insufficiently notified of the missed court date, ill or hospitalized, dealing with a family emergency, at work, or simply made an honest mistake.

While the failure to appear that triggered the initial bench warrant may have been unintentional, the consequences of letting it linger can be devastating – including potential arrest, jail time, fines, probation revocation, and a permanent criminal record.

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