October 2020

What is a Stet?

A stet is a special type of disposition or resolution of a criminal or serious traffic case pursuant to Md. Rule 4-248 in which the State’s Attorney asks the court to mark a case as “inactive” or place it on what is sometimes referred to as the “stet docket” for three years, usually with one or […]

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What is a Modification of Sentence?

Within 90 days from the date of sentencing, a Defendant in a criminal or serious traffic case in either District or Circuit Court may file a motion for modification and/or reduction of sentence pursuant to Md. Rule 4-345 asking the court to essentially reconsider or modify the Defendant’s sentence in some way. Can the Judge Increase My Sentence?

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What is Trespassing?

Trespassing on posted property is a misdemeanor criminal offense in Maryland in which a person willfully enters the property of another without permission and a sign was posted on the property in an obvious manner warning against unauthorized entry. If convicted of trespassing (for a first offense), a person is subject to a maximum penalty

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