October 2020

What is First-Degree Assault?

First-degree assault a serious criminal offense that is committed when a person causes or attempts to cause a serious physical injury to another person without legal justification. Conduct that would normally be considered a second-degree assault that is coupled with the use of a firearm is also considered to be an assault in the first degree. See Md. Code …

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What is a Stet?

A stet is a special type of disposition or resolution of a criminal or serious traffic case pursuant to Md. Rule 4-248 in which the State’s Attorney asks the court to mark a case as inactive or place it on what is sometimes referred to as the “stet docket” for three years, usually with one or more …

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What is a Modification of Sentence?

Within 90 days from the date of sentencing, a Defendant in a criminal or serious traffic case in either District or Circuit Court may file a motion for modification and/or reduction of sentence pursuant to Md. Rule 4-345 asking the court to essentially reconsider or modify the Defendant’s sentence. Can the Judge Increase My Sentence? No. Despite popular belief, …

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What is Disorderly Conduct?

Under Maryland law, a person may not engage in what is known as disorderly conduct or what is sometimes referred to as disturbing the peace. Several different actions are considered to be criminal conduct under the relevant Maryland statute. See Md. Code Criminal Law 10-201. Disorderly conduct includes the willful and without lawful purpose obstruction or hindrance …

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What is Trespassing?

Trespassing on posted property is a misdemeanor criminal offense in Maryland in which a person willfully enters the property of another without permission and a sign was posted on the property in an obvious manner warning against unauthorized entry. If convicted of trespassing (for a first offense), a person is subject to a maximum penalty …

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