Assault Crimes Attorney in Baltimore County

What is an Assault Crime?

An assault charge in the State of Maryland is a serious criminal offense because it carries the possibility of jail time and/or a substantial fine. If you are found guilty of an assault crime, then you will have a criminal conviction on your record which you may have to report on future job or college applications. No matter how trivial the incident from which the charge arose may seem, it is a criminal charge that should not be taken lightly. Even if you are not guilty of the charge, an experienced Baltimore County, MD assault crimes attorney can be of great assistance to you in many ways. An experienced Baltimore County, MD criminal defense attorney can fight on your behalf to protect your rights and defend your freedom by trying to get the charge dismissed, reduced, or achieve some other type of disposition or outcome that does not result in a criminal conviction being on your record.

Our Baltimore County, MD criminal defense law firm in Towson, MD has extensive experience people who are accused of any of the following assault crimes:

Assault Crimes Attorney in Towson, MD

Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with an award-winning Baltimore County, MD criminal defense attorney if you have been accused of an assault crime.  During your consultation at our office in Towson, MD, our principal attorney will discuss the facts of your case with you, explore possible defenses, and explain ways to avoid a possible conviction altogether or at least minimize the consequences of a possible conviction.  
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