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What is Second-Degree Arson?

Second-degree arson is when a person willfully and maliciously either sets fire to or burns a structure belonging to himself or herself or to another person. See Md. Code Criminal Law Ann. 6-103.

What Does it Mean to Set Fire to a Structure?

“Fire,” for the purpose of second-degree arson, means the actual burning or charring of a structure. There is no requirement that the structure be completely destroyed or burned to the ground. Instead, the slightest burning or charring of the structure makes the offense of second-degree arson complete if the State proves that the burning was willful and malicious beyond a reasonable doubt. A person acts “willfully” if he or she acted with deliberate intention, knowledge and purpose. A person acts maliciously if he or she acted with the deliberate intention of harming his or her own property or another person’s property.

What is a Structure?

A “structure,” for the purpose of second-degree arson, is a building or other construction, a vehicle, or a watercraft. Examples of a structure include, but are not limited to, a barn, stable, pier, wharf, tent, public building or public bridge, railroad car, or any facility attached to a pier or wharf. It should be noted that ownership of the structure is irrelevant. Therefore, a person can potentially be charged with second-degree arson if he or she burns a structure that he or she owns.

What is the Maximum Penalty for Second-Degree Arson?

Second-degree arson is a serious property crime because it is a felony offense that carries a maximum possible penalty if found guilty and convicted of up to 20 years of active incarceration and/or up to a $30,000 fine.

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