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At The Law Office of Stephen P. Shepard, LLC, we understand that navigating the criminal justice system can be overwhelming and stressful. That is why we offer a comprehensive range of services to assist you or a loved one with various other criminal defense matters, including early expungement, warrant recall motions, regular expungement, petition for writ of habeas corpus, modification of sentence, record shielding, and bail reviews.

An early expungement can help clear your criminal record sooner than the standard waiting period, allowing you to move forward with your life without the burden of a criminal record. Our experienced team will guide you through the expungement process, ensuring that you meet the necessary eligibility requirements and submit the appropriate paperwork on your behalf.

If you have an outstanding bench warrant for your arrest, we can help by filing a motion to recall the warrant. This process involves presenting your case to the court and arguing why the warrant should be recalled.  Our skilled attorney will work diligently to present a compelling argument on your behalf, increasing the likelihood of a successful warrant recall.

Regular expungement allows individuals with eligible criminal records to have their records cleared, providing a fresh start and removing barriers to employment, housing, and other opportunities.  Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the expungement process, ensuring that your case is handled efficiently and effectively.

A petition for writ of habeas corpus is a legal action that challenges the legality of a person’s continued imprisonment or detention.  Typically, this action is used as a roundabout way of getting a bail review by a judge at the Circuit Court level.

In certain circumstances, you may be eligible for a modification to your criminal sentence. This can include a reduction in jail time, length of probation, amount of community service, or amount of monetary fines. 

Record shielding is a process that limits access to your criminal record, protecting your privacy and preventing potential discrimination. Our team will help you determine if you are eligible for record shielding and then take the necessary steps to protect your personal information.

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