About Us

The central mission of our Baltimore County, MD criminal defense and DUI/DWI defense law firm is to provide premier representation.  We proudly distinguishes ourselves because of the core values upon which our law firm was founded in 2013.  Those core values are to provide client-centered representationcollaborative advocacyaffordable representation, and comprehensive service.  While the ways in which we deliver our legal services based on those core values have changed to some degree over the years, our core values have not. 

Our criminal defense law firm provides client-centered representation

Client-Centered Representation

The attorney and client should work together collaboratively as a team to achieve the client's goals and further the client's interests because doing so achieves the best possible outcome.

Our criminal defense law firm provides affordable representation

Affordable Representation

Our services should be both available and affordable to everyone because premier representation is not a "luxury" in this country reserved only for the super-rich or elite members of society.

Criminal defense law firm that provides clients with comprehensive service

Comprehensive Service

The attorney should assist the client with matters that are collateral to the strictly "legal" components of the representation because people facing criminal charges often need more than just legal help.

Collaborative Advocacy

The attorney and client should use the latest legal technology and tools to collaborate with one another because innovation is the driving force behind positive outcomes.

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